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How To Feed Toddlers

Let Them Eat CAKE!…. Just Kidding….

I want to talk about what, how, and what to use when feeding two babies that might be at different developmental stages, yet still close in age. Our little man is two months older than his little buddy that I babysit 3 days a week. This might not seem like a huge difference, but when they are under a year, it can actually seem like they are on completely different levels. (more…)


The Tourist

This last Saturday my wife and I had a tour of the hospital that Mikey will be born at. I have to admit, it was actually somewhat fun to see the rooms and how they have everything set up. I came away with a lot more information than just where the vending machines are. (more…)


Be Prepared

Around 4 am on Monday morning I am awakened by the lovely sound of my wife’s voice. She is telling me that she just got off the phone with the Dr and we need to go in to the hospital right away because she is having cramping. My sleepy brain is very confused by this information because she is not due for another month and even if the baby were coming early I expected her to be having contractions, not cramps.