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Taxes are the Devil

I recently discovered how much fun doing your taxes can be as a married couple. In the past I only had to worry about my own taxes. Ensuring that everything was in order before I sat down to do them. I naively assumed that this year would go just as smoothly and the only difference would be that I would be including one more W-2 and checking the Married Filing Jointly box. Four hours and a headache later I found out just how wrong I was. (more…)


New Dad level 1

Human Baby

My son is not born yet and I already find myself worrying about how I will do with the diapers and the crying and so on. I can do a google search and find a few dozen people giving advice on how to handle being a new parent, but none of them will magically make me ready. No matter how many books or blogs I read I will still have to work to develop the skills and knowledge to be comfortable taking care of a child. (more…)