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Destiny Review – Good Time or Time Sink?

We began running across the bridge that stretched out toward the middle of the Hellmouth, a gaping wound in the surface of the moon that we were now descending into. As we fell I wondered what horrors were waiting for us at the bottom. The sudden stop knocked the air from my lungs and left me momentarily incapacitated. Looking ahead there was only darkness… and then, a faint light in the distance. As we moved toward the lamp, hive began pouring from the rocks and swarmed our party. The Titan was the first to reach the lamp and as he turned to cover our advance a glowing Thrall came into view. Before I could call out to xX_CampUrMom4Dayz_Xx  he exploded in a ball of arc energy. All that remained was his ghost. (more…)


New Dad level 1

Human Baby

My son is not born yet and I already find myself worrying about how I will do with the diapers and the crying and so on. I can do a google search and find a few dozen people giving advice on how to handle being a new parent, but none of them will magically make me ready. No matter how many books or blogs I read I will still have to work to develop the skills and knowledge to be comfortable taking care of a child. (more…)