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Baby Stuff On The CHEAP: Tips For Using Craigslist

Newb Mom here again. It’s no secret that I am the Queen of Craigslist when it comes to buying baby stuff. Babies grow out of everything so quickly that there is always a plethora of stuff available on Craigslist, and typically people price it to move since they just want it gone. Here is an example of some stuff I have gotten and the prices:

  1. Baby Einstein jumper (music doesn’t work but the lights do). Paid $5 – Retails for $100
  2. Activity Table, perfect condition. Paid $15 – Retails for $50
  3. Graco double stroller, older but in excellent condition. Paid $15 – Retails for $125
  4. Step 2 playhouse, missing 2 rails (not really needed). Paid $10 – Retails for $300

So in all I’ve paid under $50 for $575 in baby gear. That’s a savings of $525. Crazy right? All it takes is time to look, some research, some basic safety, and some cleaning up. (more…)


Stay At Home Mom – Why We Decided To Live On One Income

One of my main concerns leading up to the birth of our son was our finances and how we were going to afford all of the expenses that come with a new human. Newb Mom and I discussed all of our options and ran the numbers. In the end we decided that she was not going to go back to work and that I would work a second job to bring in the difference of what we needed in our budget. (more…)


Taxes are the Devil

I recently discovered how much fun doing your taxes can be as a married couple. In the past I only had to worry about my own taxes. Ensuring that everything was in order before I sat down to do them. I naively assumed that this year would go just as smoothly and the only difference would be that I would be including one more W-2 and checking the Married Filing Jointly box. Four hours and a headache later I found out just how wrong I was. (more…)