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Baby Stuff On The CHEAP: Tips For Using Craigslist

Newb Mom here again. It’s no secret that I am the Queen of Craigslist when it comes to buying baby stuff. Babies grow out of everything so quickly that there is always a plethora of stuff available on Craigslist, and typically people price it to move since they just want it gone. Here is an example of some stuff I have gotten and the prices:

  1. Baby Einstein jumper (music doesn’t work but the lights do). Paid $5 – Retails for $100
  2. Activity Table, perfect condition. Paid $15 – Retails for $50
  3. Graco double stroller, older but in excellent condition. Paid $15 – Retails for $125
  4. Step 2 playhouse, missing 2 rails (not really needed). Paid $10 – Retails for $300

So in all I’ve paid under $50 for $575 in baby gear. That’s a savings of $525. Crazy right? All it takes is time to look, some research, some basic safety, and some cleaning up. (more…)


How to Get S#!% Done With an Infant: Tips for Managing Housework and Baby

Newb mom here again…. are you sick of me yet? Kidding…

My little Cherub is taking a nap, so I should be tackling housework right? Nope, I got it done already while Little Man was awake and I managed to keep him entertained and engaged the entire time. Whats this magic you ask? I’ll let you in on a few of my secrets…..

When Little Man was born, my mom came over and did a deep cleaning of our house while I bonded with our new baby. It was amazing and I found that having a clean/organized house actually helped my stress level and allowed me to enjoy my baby more. The problem was, how was I going to keep it clean while still bonding with my baby? During his naps? Heck no, during his naps I was getting as much sleep as I could. I eventually devised ways to get things done while he was awake. (more…)


Baby Incoming

I cant believe that in about three months I will get to hold my son for the first time. It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that we found out we were going to add one to our family. These next few months we will be getting the nursery ready and finishing our “spring” cleaning. There is a lot still to do to prepare for our little guy’s arrival and yet we can’t wait until he is here – especially my wife.  (more…)


Cleaning out my inventory

empty bags

I have always been somewhat of a pack-rat. The type of person who holds on to a spare part or a charging cable just in case I need them later on down the road. And it never seems to fail that as soon as I get rid of something I find myself needing a part or piece just like it. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means a hoarder, but I definitely have way too much junk taking up space in my house. (more…)