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My son has a Barbie and I’m ok with that

When my wife told me she wanted to take Mikey to the store to pick out a Barbie I said, “No! I will not allow you to turn my son gay by allowing him to play with dolls! Get the boy a truck with flames and shit!” as I ate my steak and sipped my bud light. SIKE! I was actually really ok with it. Not because of some progressive semi-political agenda or belief that he should explore his feminine side, but because it just isn’t a big deal to me. Those of you who know me can confirm that I am a pretty conservative guy, but this issue is something I have put a lot of thought into. (more…)


Kids Are Awesome 

Every time I turn around my son is doing something funny, or awesome, or both. He is constantly surprising me with how freakin’ smart he is and how quickly he can learn new stuff. Just during the process of writing this post he has done new things that have caused me to revise this a couple of times. (more…)


Puzzingo Review – Fun Learning App For Kids

puzzingo review

I wanted to do a quick little review about one of the apps I use to keep our little man entertained. Now, don’t get all crazy…. we only use apps for early morning (like too early to get out of bed) entertainment, as a special treat, or as an emergency distraction. We try our best to only let him use apps that have some kind of educational value to it, whether it be an app that reads him a story, encourages hand-eye coordination, or teaches him colors, shapes, numbers… etc.

Puzzingo is an interactive app created by 77SPARX Studio. Its a puzzle game that is visually appealing, educational, promotes hand-eye coordination, and is super fun for the little ones (and the adults) to play. (more…)


Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Warning: This post contains spoilers regarding the Easter Bunny. If you are an adult that still believes in the Easter Bunny please go seek professional help.

This year is technically Mikey’s second Easter and we wanted to make him an Easter Basket. He obviously doesn’t know the difference yet between an Easter Basket and any other new item we give him, but it is more for us than for him, let’s face it. Most kids get toys and candy stuffed into their baskets but what do you get a toddler who really doesn’t care much what you put in there?

Well here are some ideas that we used to put together a basket for Mikey this year. (more…)


Twins Three Days A Week Part 1

What To Do with Two Toddlers

I have twins 3 days out of the week…

I babysit my best friend’s little boy and he is 2 months younger than our lil man (lil man is almost a year old), so it’s like having twins because they pretty much do all the same stuff. I have been doing this for about 3 months now, and want to quickly share with you some ways to keep them safe, keep them entertained, and how I keep myself sane.

First off I would highly recommend following a schedule. Here is an example:

6am – Friend’s boy gets dropped off, maybe takes a short nap or plays.

7am – Lil man gets up, joins in for playtime

8am – Breakfast

9am – Bottle/nurse and naps

11am – Wake up, change diapers, play

12pm – Lunch, playtime

1pm – Bottle/nurse and nap

2:45 – Friend picks up boy. (more…)