Mikey got to go on his first camping trip over 4th of July weekend and boy did he have fun. Not only was it his first camping trip, but it was also his first time on a boat and his first time fishing.  He got to play with the radio on Grandpa’s boat and touch a fish.

So I know you are itching to know how we survived camping with a toddler. It was definitely a little stressful at times but it was a lot easier than I expected (Mostly thanks to my brilliant wife). I think the main thing is to try to stick to their routine as much as possible.

“But how Newb Dad?!”

I’m glad you asked.

Bath Time

This is kinda a big deal in our house. Mikey gets a bath every night whether he needs one or not to help him unwind from the day. We didn’t want to break that tradition and he definitely needed a bath every day. We brought a large plastic tote like you can get from target after new years, and that was his bath tub. We warmed up water and filled the tote until it was the right level for bath time. If you have an issue with the water being too warm you can add cold water back in. Mikey actually enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. He had a lot of fun splashing around in his makeshift bath tub out in the wilderness.

Nap Time

Naps were a bit more difficult than bath time. Mikey had to take naps in our tent which can be hit and miss even for adults. The tent can get pretty hot during the day, especially if it is in the sun. We had an extra easy up that we moved to shade the tent during the warmest part of the day. We also opened the vents on the tent and it was actually pretty nice inside there. The main thing with this is to watch for signals from your little guy and adjust naps accordingly. We had to be flexible with when we put Mikey down to make sure he didn’t go down too early and he didn’t get over tired.

Food Time

I wasn’t quite sure how we were going to do meal time while camping without a high chair. I mean, I knew we would make it work but I just wasn’t sure what we would settle on. Then we found the most awesome amazing super stupendous invention ever. The Camping High Chair is like a folding camping chair and a high chair had a baby and painted it camo. It is awesome! And the best part is, you don’t have to put it away when you get home from camping. We keep this in our trunk so when we go out places, if we need a high chair for Mikey, we have our own. There are a lot of times when there are no usable high chairs at the establishment.  Seriously people, how hard is it to wipe down a high chair after you are done with it. Gross! With this high chair there was not much else we had to do special for meal times. We just plopped Mikey in his chair and put the food in front of him just like at home.

One last lesson I want to impart is: be prepared to constantly wash water cups and toys! We kept the rinsing tubs from dishes out all day so that we could rinse off toys and drink cups as they got thrown on the ground. It is not a matter of if this will happen, it is when… and how many times.

Let me know down below if you have any other super cool awesome camping hacks for toddlers. Be sure to share this post on the social medias if you enjoyed so other have a chance to read it as well. Thank you!