The last couple of weeks have been filled with medicine, tissues, and coughing. One by one we all came down with it and it seems to be sticking around. I’m thinking about making this cough pay rent at this point.

I’m not sure who we caught it from but Mikey, Newb Mom, and I are sick. I will spare you the details, but the main symptom is a cough that just won’t quit. The strange thing is that the symptoms seem to change about every four or five days. I think we called the advice nurse about four or five times last week between all of us. The scariest part was when Mikey woke up in the middle of the night with a croupy cough. It was our first time hearing him cough like that so naturally we flipped the heck out, or at least I did.

It was then I realized that I don’t do well with Mikey being sick.

Since last week his cough has gotten slightly better and is mostly only an issue in the morning when he first wakes up. But now he has a runny nose and he is having issues nursing. He is generally in good spirits so I’m not sure why I feel so bad for him, but I do.

On the bright side, he is getting much better at walking and I think he will be running by next month. But this means that trying to catch him to wipe his nose is much more difficult than it was last time he was sick and could only crawl.

I guess the takeaway from this is that, as much as I didn’t want to be, I am that dad who is going to overreact whenever Mikey gets sick or hurt. The sooner I come to terms with that the better.