Every time I turn around my son is doing something funny, or awesome, or both. He is constantly surprising me with how freakin’ smart he is and how quickly he can learn new stuff. Just during the process of writing this post he has done new things that have caused me to revise this a couple of times.

The Slide

Last week he figured out how to use his little slide we keep in the living room. He is still going down face first, but he is really good about not falling off the top of it. By really good I mean he has only fallen off a few times and luckily I wasn’t in the room when it happened. He does like to give us a good scare when he is on top of it by letting go with both hands and waving at us. I think he is already figuring out that he can give me a heart attack by trying to hurt himself.


Newb Mom and I had been working on walking with him by letting him take a few steps going back and forth between us. He was still more falling than walking but it was progress. Then, out of the blue this last weekend he stood up in the living room and started walking from his slide to the couch, then over to his play table and back to the slide. It was like it clicked how to do it and all he wanted to do was practice.


Within the last few weeks Mikey has begun playing little games with me. The first game was running away from daddy. I would tell him “I’m gunna get you!” and he would get the biggest grin on his face and go as fast as he could in the opposite direction. The next was small but started out at dinner one night. I pretend my hand is a spider on the table (or other surface) and he squishes it with his index finger. My hand flattens out as long as he has his finger on it, but once he takes his finger off the spider pops back up and dances around. What is crazy is that he will start playing this game with me without me even initiating it. He sees my hand on the table next to him and he “squishes the spider”. It’s so cute I can’t resist playing.

Mikey is at a point where he is growing like crazy. There is a lot more I could write about but I don’t want to bore you. If you are interested, I usually will post cool moments with Mikey and Newb Mom on my FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. Follow me there for more cuteness and remember, if you like this post be sure to share it with your friends on the social medias. Thank you!