I wanted to do a quick little review about one of the apps I use to keep our little man entertained. Now, don’t get all crazy…. we only use apps for early morning (like too early to get out of bed) entertainment, as a special treat, or as an emergency distraction. We try our best to only let him use apps that have some kind of educational value to it, whether it be an app that reads him a story, encourages hand-eye coordination, or teaches him colors, shapes, numbers… etc.

Puzzingo is an interactive app created by 77SPARX Studio. Its a puzzle game that is visually appealing, educational, promotes hand-eye coordination, and is super fun for the little ones (and the adults) to play.


The colors and animations are vivid and striking. The animations and different parts of the puzzle pieces are incredibly detailed, which makes the game fun to look at even if your child doesn’t quite grasp the concept and you have to play it with them while they watch and learn.


Each time you tap a piece of the puzzle, it tells you what that piece is. even if the piece is in place, your child can tap it again and it will call out the name of the piece. What I like about it is that it is super specific. We were doing a puzzle with cats and each cat was identified by it’s breed rather than it just being a “cat”. The puzzles also have multiple layers and choices so it prompts your child to get the piece in the right spot without being too obvious, however if your child is really stuck an arrow will point them in the right direction after a few tries.


The main way you play the game is to drag the puzzle piece from the side bar to it’s appropriate spot on the board. There is a little package on the side that you need to tap/shake and it will explode and the pieces come out.  This is great for little ones who are still mastering their fine motor skills and great for bigger kids who can identify the outlines of the pieces and get the puzzle put together by themselves. I also like the fact that the puzzle piece might be bigger, or smaller, on the board than it is on the sidebar because it makes it challenging for kids and makes them aware of different proportion sizes.

Fun for All Ages:

Puzzles are fun, duh…. but what is awesome about this game in particular is that even after you finish the puzzle, there is a corresponding mini game that you can play. For example, one of the puzzles is dune buggy themed and once its completed, you get to play a game where you race the dune buggy. All the little mini games are different and it is a nice added bonus.

Overall, I like this game alot, and my son equally enjoys it. He is still super little and we play it with him, but this is a game he can grow into, and I look forward to him being able to enjoy it for a long time. Check it out by searching Puzzingo in the iOS or Android app store, or by going to 77sparx.com/puzzingo and clicking on the link for the appropriate store.

Here is a quick video to give you an idea of what it is all about.