Warning: This post contains spoilers regarding the Easter Bunny. If you are an adult that still believes in the Easter Bunny please go seek professional help.

This year is technically Mikey’s second Easter and we wanted to make him an Easter Basket. He obviously doesn’t know the difference yet between an Easter Basket and any other new item we give him, but it is more for us than for him, let’s face it. Most kids get toys and candy stuffed into their baskets but what do you get a toddler who really doesn’t care much what you put in there?

Well here are some ideas that we used to put together a basket for Mikey this year.

Toddler Easter Items

Cups And Toys

Mikey loves his bath books, and not just for bath time. He can chew on them without destroying it and they usually make a noise when squeezed. The peep was because he loves his stuffed animals and because it is stupid cute. My wife really wanted to get him the bunny cup and he loved it. He recently learned to drink from a straw and he tried to take a drink from it as soon as he saw it.

Fruit Pouches

The Good Stuff

Instead of getting him candy, we decided to get Mikey something he could actually eat and that he absolutely loves. These fruit pouches are one of his favorite snacks and even though we almost always have a few on hand for him, we thought it would be neat to put a few in his basket.

swim trunks


Clothes are a great gift for toddlers. Mikey needs a swim suit for this summer so we found the perfect swim trunks for him and put them in his Easter basket. Any type of outfit would work for this, it just depends on what your little one needs.

egg socks

Egg Socks

This last one is also clothing but a little more fun. My wife wanted to include the plastic eggs in Mikey’s basket but we didn’t want to put candy in them. She had the great idea to fill them with pairs of socks. He had begun to outgrow all of the socks he had and this was a creative way to give him new ones, not to mention he had a blast opening them up.. with a little help of course.

Those were the ideas we had this year for Mikey’s Easter basket. What creative ideas have you come up with? Let me know in the comments. If you like what you read, please share with your friends on the social medias. Thank You!!!