There is a saying I like to put into practice in my marriage; Happy Wife, Happy Life. It may be crude but the spirit behind it is true. As I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago, in a marriage it is the duty of both people to put the needs of the other first. When you have kids this usually involves food or poop… or both. But trust me guys, it is worth it; because when she is happy, she will make you happy… by making waffles! Get your mind out of the gutter, and read these 5 tips on making your Baby Momma happy!

1.  Weekend Diaper Duty

This is a tough one if you love your sleep like I do, but it makes a big impact. Let your BM know that you want to get up with the little one in the morning on the weekends. This will allow her to get some much needed rest, and she will probably make you waffles when she gets up around nap time. If you want extra points, offer to wake up during the night to change diapers and feed baby; that is if your little one is still not sleeping through the night… you poor soul, you are in my prayers.

2. Daddy And Me Day

Offer to spend the day with your little one and give her a break. This will allow her to go have a girls day, or go get a massage, or even take a waffle making class. This one can be a little difficult depending on the stage your baby is in. If he is still on the boob then it may not be a whole day, unless Bae is ok with it in which case you can get some bottles ready and enjoy being Mr Mom for the day.

3. Cook Dinner

An oldie but a goodie. Remember those dates when you were broke so you decided to have a “romantic home cooked meal” (which is code for cheap dinner I still get credit for)? Well this time you get credit for a whole new set of reasons. If you are not very good in the kitchen then go for something Italian, trust me it is hard to mess up pasta. Whole Foods has a Gelato bar so you can even have fancy dessert. She will appreciate not having to cook, and it will give her time to look up waffle recipes on Pinterest.

4. Date Night, Surprise!

Taking the dinner thing to the next level is the surprise date night. It costs more and requires a little more planning, but your chances of getting rewarded for it (with waffles, duh!) are much higher. Get a baby sitter, make some reservations, and most importantly make sure she doesn’t already have something planned for that night. This is a surprise after all, you don’t want to end up having to cancel it at the last minute because she committed you to a game night at her sister’s house and you forgot because you have to hear things three times before you really remember them and she only told you once while you were in the checkout line at Starbucks. #RunOnSentenceAlert

So ya, do date night!

5. Small Breaks

This last one is easier to do randomly and does not require much planning. But it does require that you listen for opportunities. When I asked my wife what helps her out the most throughout the day, she said it was the small breaks she gets when I do something that gives her alone time. Need to run up to the store before dinner? Take the baby with you. Is baby throwing a fit and won’t play by himself? Take him for a walk. Keep your ears open for times when you can jump in, even if only for five or ten minutes, and let mom step away or have some time to breath. You may not get waffles out of it every time, but she will be much happier overall and much more likely to make waffles tomorrow.

This has been 5 ways to keep your Baby Momma happy. I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to comment down below or drop me a line. If you like what you read, please share with your friends on the social medias. Thank You!!!

photo credit: Waffles with Blackberry Syrup via photopin (license)