First time expecting parents will experience it at one point or another. For my wife and I it happened when we went to register for her baby shower. I am talking about that overwhelming feeling that comes over you when you see all of the baby items that are out there. Even shopping for something as standard as a crib or car seat can be pretty daunting with all of the choices you have. As we walked around Buy Buy Baby there were items I had no clue what they were. From snot suckers to wipe warmers I’m pretty sure that if you find yourself saying “It would be nice if I had …” they probably make it. Below I will attempt to go over the Top 7 Baby Items according to Newb Dad.

Baby Swing

This may seem like a pretty standard item to get with a new baby but I feel obliged to include it because our baby swing was a lifesaver when our son was young. The swing was great for both calming him down and just giving us a break but keeping him nearby and entertained. I recommend springing for a model that can swing both front to back and side to side. As Mikey got older his preference changed from one to the other.


At about four or five months Mikey fell in love with his bouncer. It was one of his favorite activities. The great thing about these is you can attach all sorts of toys to them and switch them out as they get older or the toys wear out. My tips on this one, try to go for a model that is easily taken apart and put back together. You will probably find that you take this one with you when you go to visit with friends and family so you want to make sure it is easy to set up and will fit well in the car.


This is the next evolution of the bouncer and it serves pretty much the same purpose. The difference here is that baby will be more mobile and usually these are built to collapse and be taken places. Some models you can find will turn from an activity walker into a walk-behind walker so you can get more bang for your buck and this item will be used longer.

Play Pen

OMG get one of these, trust me, you will thank me later! Not only does this item keep Mikey from getting into things he shouldn’t, but it serves as a corral for all of his toys. Let me get this out of the way:

Never leave you child unattended!

But seriously, a play pen lets you put baby down with all of his toys and get stuff done. You don’t have to worry he will sneak over to the coffee table and dump water on your phone or pull something over on top of himself. It is a controlled environment that is sectioned off from the rest of the house and it is amazing!

Snot Sucker

Yes, I have bought into the snot sucker and I’m not ashamed of it. I admit, when I first saw one of these at the baby crap store I said “Ew! No!”… just like that. But after the bulb sucker left my son crying in pain I decided to give it a try. The reason it is great is that you can control the suction and the length of the suction is only limited by your lung capacity. Don’t worry, there is a filter so you don’t get boogers in your mouth. But trust me, by time your little guy is 1 you will probably have much worse in your mouth at some point.

Cool Mist Humidifier

I didn’t think we needed one of these when we were walking around the store before our little guy was born. But the first time he got sick we ran out and bought one. Do yourself a favor and do your research and shop around because I guarantee you will want a cool mist humidifier when your little one is congested and waking up ever couple of hours.

Triple Cream

If your little guy gets eczema at all this stuff works wonders to get rid of it. Mikey had a spot on his back about the size of a golf ball and after a week of using this stuff it was pretty much gone. It also works for adults if you tend to get dry skin or you just want baby soft elbows.

What are some other baby items you would recommend for new parents trying to decide from the millions of options out there? Let me know in the comments or you can always tweet me @newb_dad. Thank you for reading and if you liked this, please share with your friends.