We began running across the bridge that stretched out toward the middle of the Hellmouth, a gaping wound in the surface of the moon that we were now descending into. As we fell I wondered what horrors were waiting for us at the bottom. The sudden stop knocked the air from my lungs and left me momentarily incapacitated. Looking ahead there was only darkness… and then, a faint light in the distance. As we moved toward the lamp, hive began pouring from the rocks and swarmed our party. The Titan was the first to reach the lamp and as he turned to cover our advance a glowing Thrall came into view. Before I could call out to xX_CampUrMom4Dayz_Xx  he exploded in a ball of arc energy. All that remained was his ghost.

You may have figured out already that I didn’t take a trip to the moon recently and you don’t need to call NASA, the moon is not infested by aliens. I am talking about a game you may have heard of recently, Destiny. So far I have roughly 11 days of game time played collectively between characters and it has been a lot of fun. From playing the story missions, to the raids (like the new DLC raid which I described the beginning of above), to pvp (player vs. player) there is a ton to do… but is that a good thing?

The Destiny Story

The storyline in Destiny has faced a lot of criticism for various reason and while it doesn’t quite live up to the legacy Bungie created with Halo, it is still pretty fun to play through. I found it to be a lot of fun the first time through but it didn’t seem to last very long. The initial learning curve of the end game was pretty steep but with all of the resources out there now, any newb shouldn’t have a problem figuring out what to do post level 20.

The End Game

Once you hit lvl 20 the game is hardly over. From this point on you gain additional levels through something called light which is on the gear you obtain from strikes, vendors, and raids. This is a pretty cool system that is a different take on gear level from other MMOs. The ultimate goal of the end game is to do the raids, which can be a bit frustrating. If you don’t feel like banging your head against a wall for a few hours, don’t worry, there is an alternative… PvP.

Destiny PVP – Frag the Newb

I have played a lot of FPS pvp, both on PC and on console, and I have to say that Destiny has to be the best and most frustrating at the same time. It is fast paced, fairly balanced, and it doesn’t matter what your level is because all players and weapons are normalized (except in one specific special event called Iron banner). It can be a lot of fun when your shot is on, but when it isn’t, you can get frustrated quickly. If you want to see more reviews on the pvp you can check out some of my favorite YouTube channels like Byf or Mesa Sean.

But Should I Buy It?

I have barely scratched the surface of what Destiny is but if I keep going this post would be way too long. If you want to hear more on the game from someone else you can check out the review over at Kotaku. My overall assessment of the game is:

Should You Play?

Yes, but be sure you have the self control to stop when you need to because this game can get addicting fast. If you are a parent like me, try limiting yourself to only playing when the little one(s) are in bed or you are home alone. It is very easy to sink four hours into this game before you realize it.

The Good

This game has great pvp and the user interface is, as the kids say today, “on fleek”… I think I used that right. For a casual hardcore gamer, like myself, you will never run out of stuff to do. If you are someone with a lot of time on your hands that is ok, you can always have fun in PvP. Or just don’t play as much *wink wink*.

The Bad

The story is very short so if you buy games primarily for the story mode you might want to think about renting this game to play through it instead of dropping the money on your own copy. Also, the end game can be very frustrating if you don’t have at least 5 other friends to play with since the game will not help you find a group for the raid. You will have to resort to third party websites or Facebook communities (like I use) to find people to raid with.

If you have played the game, let me know what you think of it in the comments. If you haven’t already seen it, you can find the live action trailer for the game below.