Newb mom here again…. are you sick of me yet? Kidding…

My little Cherub is taking a nap, so I should be tackling housework right? Nope, I got it done already while Little Man was awake and I managed to keep him entertained and engaged the entire time. Whats this magic you ask? I’ll let you in on a few of my secrets…..

When Little Man was born, my mom came over and did a deep cleaning of our house while I bonded with our new baby. It was amazing and I found that having a clean/organized house actually helped my stress level and allowed me to enjoy my baby more. The problem was, how was I going to keep it clean while still bonding with my baby? During his naps? Heck no, during his naps I was getting as much sleep as I could. I eventually devised ways to get things done while he was awake.

When he was brand new, I would wrap him up in a Moby wrap (any wrap or carrier will work) and I would set about doing housework. He loved being all cuddled up with mommy and the wrap allowed me to be hands free while doing housework. I would talk to him, basically telling him all the things I was doing. The sound of my voice, the closeness, and the movement would actually lull him to sleep. I would get work done and he would nap. Perfect! One thing I will warn you of is when they are little and wrapped up you have to move a bit slower and always hold them to your body if you need to bend over. If you do not have a wrap, here is a link for a DIY K’tan.

Its simple and the lady shows you how to use it:

When he got older I put him in his swing and knocked out one chore at a time, per his awake time. an example would be dishes in the morning, vacuuming/sweeping in the afternoon, laundry/making dinner in the evening. I still continued to wear him but the swing was a nice break for both of us. I would talk to him while he was in his swing so he knew I was there and he would be engaged at the same time.

Now that he is almost 5 months old I use 3 main things to keep him entertained.

  1. His playmat
  2. His highchair
  3. The doorway jumper

He usually likes his playmat most in the morning after he gets up. He can entertain himself for almost a half hour before wanting my attention. You can get a lot done in a half hour of uninterrupted time. If I am doing stuff in the kitchen, I put him in this highchair with some toys and let him watch me work. I talk to him about everything I am doing. I make eye contact with him and make sure I give him plenty of kisses and smiles. If I am folding laundry, I lay him on the bed and give him a clean towel or something to play with. His doorway jumper is awesome for when I need to shower. I just plop him in and he is good for about 15 to 20 min. Again, I talk to him while I shower so he doesn’t feel alone. When he was too little for the jumper, I would put his playmat inside the pack n play and put that by the bathroom door.

I truly believe that the key of my success with him is how much I talk to him. Lots of talking, smiles, kisses, and silly songs goes a long way. They think you are playing with them and you are getting stuff done. Its good for their vocabulary and helps them bond with you as well. The biggest perk is that when they nap, you can nap too or take some time for yourself to relax. Also, I find that doing the chores with my baby makes the chores more enjoyable for me because Little Man is keeping me company.

I am looking forward to when he is older and he can make kitchen music when I cook (bang on pots and pans).

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below. I would love to hear how other mamas out there deal with housework and kids. As always, thank you for reading.