Newb Mom here again. I wanted to discuss the topic of white noise and what it can do for baby’s sleep.

Someone at my baby shower gave me a white noise maker that also projects lighted images on the ceiling. I thought it was a silly gift. Why would anyone ever use something like this? I know for a fact that I like my room quiet and dark when I go to bed, so why wouldn’t baby? I put it on the table in his room, but really had no intention of using it until he was a toddler and needed a night light.

Baby Likes Noise

Fast forward to when little man was 5 weeks old and decided he didn’t need to sleep anymore. He would fight me so hard when I would put him down for a nap and the end result would usually be an overtired baby and one frustrated mama. So what did I do? I consulted Aunty Google of course. Through my research I found out that babies actually like noise. When they are in the womb they are exposed to constant noises, for example:

  • Mama’s heartbeat
  • Swishing noises from the digestive tract
  • Other peoples voices
  • Mama’s voice
  • All loud outside noises

With this considered, it makes sense that babies would be soothed by noise. They spent 9 months listening to sounds in the womb, so a quiet room might be very uncomfortable.

Asleep At Last

So one afternoon, as I was engaged in an epic sleep battle with my son, I plugged in his noise machine and set it up to play a heartbeat (no lights). I rocked him a bit, then put him down and walked away. He fussed for about 15 min, then he was OUT! I couldnt believe it, I kept going in to check on him to make sure he wasn’t dead because he had never gone down so easily. Also, because there was a constant noise in his room, he wasn’t startled or jarred awake by anything I was doing in other areas of the house.

Now I use the noise when he is having a hard time settling. I use the lights at night when I change him because it provides a soft glow enough to change him by, but not enough to stimulate him. I’m sure the light will also come in handy as he gets older and requires a night light.

You Know You Want One

So….. if you have a little one and sleep is a constant battle, try getting a white noise machine. you can also get a white noise app on your smartphone that will work in a pinch if you are not at home or do not have a white noise machine.

So there it is, another product I didn’t know I needed. I am very grateful to the person who gave it to me at the baby shower. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below. Thanks for reading.