Newb Mom here filling in for Newb Dad since he has been super busy busting his butt working two jobs so I can stay home with our Little Man.

I want to share my opinion with you all about video monitoring systems for babies.

I want to start off by saying that even though I am a new mom, I am in no way shy to taking care of a child. I have babysat and nannied for children as young as a newborn all the way to 10+ years. I am, and always have been, comfortable with babies and children and comfortable taking care of them. With that said, when I first started seeing these video monitoring systems on the market, I scoffed. How ridiculous right? You spend 100 – 400 dollars for something completely irrelevant. The audio monitoring systems worked just as good and are WAY cheaper. Why would you need to see your baby all the time when, if a noise was heard, you could just go in their room and check on them? The only practical application for these video monitors was if you lived in a huge house and baby was in a room far, FAR away from you. This was my opinion when I found out I was pregnant, and I registered for the basic $19.00 audio monitoring system, you know, the things that look like walkie talkies. Well, as we soon learned, the cheap audio monitors have wicked feedback problems. They are so loud with static that you can barely hear the baby. FINE! I didn’t need it. I could hear the baby without the monitor because we have a small house and I’m never too far away. At least thats what I thought.

Why Video Monitors are Awesome!

Then we had our baby, our sweet little baby who spit up silently during his sleep. At the hospital it was fine because we had the nursing staff around to catch him when he did it and suction his mouth out. At home, it was nerve wracking. I would wake up with every little noise and I was terrified to let him nap alone in his room. Thats when I started looking at video monitors in a new light. If I had one, I could watch him on the screen to see if he needed to be suctioned or not, and be free to be in another room doing something productive. So, my hubby and I looked into it. We still ran into the issue of the cameras being super expensive, so we came up with a brilliant solution…..

Brilliant Solution!

We bought a D-link security camera for a grand total of $64 bucks. The camera works off your WiFi and has an app that you can get on your phone that allows you to use your phone as the monitor. BONUS… the camera has night vision and sound detection, and the sound detection is phenomenal. It is so sensitive, it picks up the sound when Little Man farts. so now when he naps, I can pull the stream up on my phone and watch him in real time (there is a one second delay). This has given me a great peace of mind when he naps, as well as a few added bonuses I never thought of. Examples:

  1. The camera can be moved anywhere there is an outlet to plug it into, so if he falls asleep in another room (in his swing or bouncy seat) I can move the camera and still watch him.
  2. You can access the camera outside of the home, so when Newb Dad is at work and missing Little Man, he can log in on his phone and see the baby when he is sleeping.
  3. It has allowed me to watch Little Man’s sleep habits. I can tell if he is just fussing or if he is actually ready to get up. I also spent a few weeks watching how he falls asleep and found out that the biggest obstacle that wakes him up is when his pacifier gets stuck by his head and he rolls on it. Now I can run in and grab that sucker as soon as he pops it out of his mouth.

I’m sure as time goes on I will find many more perks to having this system, especially when he gets older and sneakier. I know it seems a little sketchy having to use an app, but the website is secure and you have to have the username and password to access the camera. Also, I want to add in there NEVER leave your baby alone in the house while you run errands or something. That is dangerous and not what the camera is meant for. I’m sure there is some idiot out there who would think that was a good idea. Im not saying don’t go outside or anything, but please always use caution and use common sense.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blurb about the video system. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or anything to add.