This last Saturday my wife and I had a tour of the hospital that Mikey will be born at. I have to admit, it was actually somewhat fun to see the rooms and how they have everything set up. I came away with a lot more information than just where the vending machines are.

We got to the hospital about fifteen minutes before our tour was scheduled to begin. It must have been the fact that my wife and my baby are the two most important people ever that caused me to think we were going to be the only ones on this tour. We definitely were not, there were about twelve to fifteen other couple-like people there waiting with us. For a good thirty seconds my brain had a hard time computing that we were not getting a private tour. It was probably because I had just started drinking my coffee and it hadn’t kicked in yet.

The tour started in labor and delivery with our first stop in triage. This is where laboring mothers are taken when they first arrive to the hospital. This is also where we spent some time two weeks ago when we had a little scare.

The next stop was the delivery rooms. I have to say I was very impressed. These rooms are nicer than some hotel rooms I have stayed in, and bigger too. My wife and I were worried that there might not be enough room for the people she wants in with her during labor, but those fears were quickly put to rest when we saw these rooms.  Before moving up to the recovery area we made a stop on an outdoor patio. There were only two ways on to it and it was rather nice. The tour guide told us that this was an alternate laboring area for mothers in case they wanted to get some fresh air and walk around.

The recovery area was on the second floor and the rooms were also fairly nice. They weren’t as big but they had all the same accommodations for the most part. In this area they had a kitchen where you could store and heat up food and the rooms all had flat screen televisions with dvd players.

Going into it, I didn’t expect to get much out of the tour but I was wrong. I am actually a little relieved and happy knowing that they will make every effort to help my wife and son be comfortable as he enters the world. Plus, the vending machines have almost any snack you could want!