Around 4 am on Monday morning I am awakened by the lovely sound of my wife’s voice. She is telling me that she just got off the phone with the Dr and we need to go in to the hospital right away because she is having cramping. My sleepy brain is very confused by this information because she is not due for another month and even if the baby were coming early I expected her to be having contractions, not cramps.

I pull myself out of bed and get dressed and we head for the door. It quickly dawned on me, as we were driving down our street, that we didn’t have a hospital bag ready and I had no idea where we needed to go. We had no change of clothes, no camera, and more importantly, no snacks for me… I was hungry! Luckily my beautiful wife knew exactly where we were going, but if this truly was the moment our little guy was coming we were completely not prepared.

As you might have figured out, due to the lack of cute baby pictures, Mikey did not decide to show up a month early. However, this was enough to get our butts in gear and get us to put together our hospital bags and make sure we are ready in case he does come early. Below is the list we are using, let me know in the comments if there is anything you think we missed or if you have a similar story.

During Labor:
Birth Plan
Teddy Bear/Pillow – to hug during labor
Phone Chargers
Lip Balm
Tennis ball – to rub on moms back

Payment for bill
Toiletries – shampoo, toothbrush, hair brush, etc.
Clothing to wear home

Going home outfit – Most likely a tuxedo or other outfit with a bow tie
Car seat

For Dad:
Change of clothes
Book or other form of entertainment
More Snacks!
$1 bills for vending machine for even more snacks!
Any phone numbers you will need that may not be stored in your phone

Most of this list is courtesy of my sister who has been through this process before. We have the benefit of learning from her experience.

photo credit: x-ray delta one via photopin cc