Last weekend Mikey had his first shower. I know what you are thinking, “But mike, how can he take a shower if he isn’t even born yet?” It was his baby shower and boy was it fun. There was food, games, and lots of friends and family. And of course he got more presents than he knows what to do with.

First thing first, I don’t normally think guys have a place at a baby shower but in this case I think we had a lot of fun. We set up a poker table in the back yard and a ice chest full of beer. The buy in for the poker game was a pack of diapers and the winner got to keep all of the diapers. I’m just kidding, the prize was a six-pack of Shock Top. We drank some beer, we played cards, and we had a lot more fun than any guy should at a baby shower.

While us guys were outside having fun, the women were inside playing games and doing whatever it is that women do at baby showers. At one point I think they were drinking beer out of bottles and eating candy bars out of diapers, both of which are very inefficient ways of consuming those products.

I wasn’t inside for the gift opening but I did get to see all of them when I was unloading the car after we got home. There are a lot of really cool things that, as a guy, I will probably not appreciate until I am the one using it or benefiting from having it. For instance, a warmer for wipes. This seems like an awful lot of money to spend on something that warms the thing that wipes poop. But I have this sneaking suspicion that I would love the thing the first time I used a warmed wipe myself.

I have to say that having a co-ed baby shower is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be when it is done right. Just before we started playing poker a couple of guys made some comments about being at a baby shower. “Only women belong at baby showers,” or something to that affect. But I’m willing to bet those same guys had a great time hanging out and they didn’t have to drink beer out of a baby bottle or eat a candy bar out of a diaper.

I would definitely recommend the co-ed baby shower to any expectant dads out there. If nothing else, it is a good excuse to play some poker.

photo credit: Kevin Labianco via photopin cc