I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback from people on my blog and I decided it was time that we leveled up. I have moved the blog from newb-dad.blogspot.com to it’s own domain at newbdad.com.

I am launching the new domain using WordPress and I have set up the old blog to forward to the new domain. If you have bookmarks set up they should still work. The only catch is that links to individual blogs on the previous domain will not link to that specific blog post on the new domain.

The new domain will offer me much more flexibility in the operation of my blog and I plan on adding some new types of content soon. The blog is still a “work in progress” as of this post so if there are any functional or cosmetic issues you find please let me know and I will be sure to address them right away.

Stay tuned for more posts/updates and, as always, feel free to share us on your social media of choice.