We recently had some vet bills come up that were not small. It seems that our four legged fur baby has bladder stones and they are causing issues when she tries to go to the bathroom. The surgery to have them removed can cost at least $1000 and would probably be almost $2000 after everything was done.
We were sitting in the room at the vet for the second time with this same issue after having already paid for lab work on a previous visit. At this point we hadn’t found out that it was bladder stones but, needless to say, my patience with the situation was thin and I really couldn’t see spending any more money on tests when previous ones didn’t provide any answers. This frustration was more than apparent to my beautiful bride and she did not appreciate my fixation on finances when our Princess (that is her name, Princess Fluffy Butt) was in pain.
It was then that it occurred to me that we did have the money. It wasn’t enough to do the surgery but it was enough to at least run the initial tests and find out what we were looking at. I had been putting aside some cash for something I had been waiting months for. I wasn’t terribly excited to use it for this unexpected situation because it meant that I would have to wait until I could save another $500 for my Playstation 4.
After I came to terms with my loss I realized that this was probably not the first time this would happen, especially now that we are going to have a baby, and I better get used to the idea that fun money can quickly become emergency cash.
This story may make me sound like a terrible person but I don’t care. The Playstation will just have to wait to be part of our family because our little Princess Fluffy Butt was worth the sacrifice.