The last couple of days have been a very real reminder of just how precious and valuable parents are. We often take them for granted and, without knowing we are doing it, assume they will just always be around. The harsh reality is that all of us have a limited amount of time we get to spend with our families and we should always strive to make that time as awesome as we can.

Tuesday afternoon I received a text from my wife that her Step-Dad had fallen and severely injured his neck. My first reaction was just shock that something like this could happen to someone I care about. It didn’t feel like the news was real. After letting the news sink in, I began running through the worst case scenarios in my head and they were all heartbreaking. I didn’t want to imagine that my son would never get to play with his Grandfather, or even worse that he would never meet get to meet him. I have experienced the loss of a family member before, but there is something different about being faced with that possibility when you add a child into the equation.

This Thanksgiving I really did stop and thank God for the wonderful people in my life. My wife and I have an amazing family, on both sides, and we love them very much. I cannot wait for my son to be born so that he can meet every single one of them. Even the crazy ones.

photo credit: mccready via photopin cc