From the moment your baby is born their language skills begin to develop. Around six months they begin to show interest in the pictures and stories in books. It is around this time that you can begin to expose your baby to other languages if you are raising your baby to become bilingual. Nobody ever said that their second language had to be a spoken one.

For a while now I have known about programs out there designed to teach kids how to program. Programs like the one developed by a group at MIT, Scratch, teaches kids the fundamentals of programming. They get to learn programming structure and, my favorite part, that immediate satisfaction you get when you make something work.

Recently I discovered a set of books that begin exposing children to programming in those first couple stages where they begin taking interest in pictures. Since most programming languages look more like pictures to people unfamiliar with them anyway, this seems like a pretty good idea. The Code Babies books are geared toward exposing new eyes and ears to the basics of web design through the use of colorful letters, code tags, and symbols. They have separate HTML and CSS book as well as a more interactive Web Design book containing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

I am not quite sure of the science behind these books but they sound like a good idea to me. The worst case scenario is that my baby doesn’t enjoy them and I get to flip through them on my own and don’t have to share.

Teaching Babies to Code: +1 Awesomeness