Doctors say that when a woman sleeps on her back while she is pregnant it can slow blood flow to the baby and deprive it of oxygen and nutrients. Because of this, and the almost impossibility of a woman sleeping on her stomach while pregnant, you are left with side sleeping. However, as my wife and I found out, side sleeping has it’s own set of issues.

At about 14 weeks into the pregnancy my wife began having discomfort when she was sleeping. It got to be so bad that she would wake up multiple times in the night. In the morning she could barely walk, and it wasn’t even my fault. We had heard that a pillow can be used to support her hips during the night and relieve some of the pain. 

At first we tried just an ordinary pillow. It helped a little but was not quite enough. The body pillow was a little better but still did not keep her from rolling on her back in the middle of the night.

Up until this point all of the options we tried were on hand, didn’t take up too much space, and most importantly, they were free. Unfortunately, none of them were really cutting it and my wife was still waking up with sore hips and back.

After a little bit of research she found a couple different options for pregnancy pillows. The only problem is that they started at around $40 and reached upwards of $200. But, you can’t put a price on comfort when it comes to the woman who is carrying your son. So naturally…we asked the parents.

My wife’s Step-Mom saved the day! She not only bought the pillow but took her to get some maternity clothes too. Since she started sleeping with her new pregnancy pillow she has been sleeping great and waking up comfortable and refreshed. 

Man Note: Guys, it is definitely worth it to buy one of these for the mother of your child. But be warned, when the pillow is wrapped around her it means you wont be.

Being replaced by a giant phallic pillow: -1 Masculinity