I think everyone has a preconceived notion about how things will be when they find out they will be a parent for the first time, I know I did. My wife and I found out just how far off we were on that. At first we were scared out of our minds. All we could think about was how expensive childcare is, how there was no way she would be able to stay home with the baby, and how much this would cut into my gaming. Ok, that last one was just me.

We talked with our parents and our friends, who had already had their first kids, and slowly we began to work through our initial fears. We had found all our fears replaced by new ones by the time we were sitting in the hospital waiting to be called back to find out the sex of the baby. When they finally called us they took my wife back first and I was sent back to my seat like the silly man that I am. I can only imagine what kind of questions they ask her that require that I not be there. Most likely they have to do with how the baby got in her in the first place and how much fun it was.

Man Note: Guys, when you find yourself at this appointment for the first time try not to get too worried when the nurse takes two and half months to come back to the waiting room to get you. Everything is fine, they are just getting all the stupid tests out of the way so that by time they bring you back they can focus on what really matter, the sex!

When the nurse finally came back to get me I had run through every bad scenario in my head for why it had taken so long and, of course, every one of them was incorrect.

The nurse was commenting on how the baby was in a weird position and she kept trying to get a different angle. About 15 minutes goes by and finally she gets the angle we were looking for! BOY! My wife and I erupted into an explosion of joy. It was so enthusiastic I almost immediately felt embarrassed. Then I thought, who cares, we are having a baby boy!

Baby on the first try AND it’s a boy: +2 Accuracy